What to write on social media? Top tips for 2018 social planning

OK, so you’ve taken the plunge. Got the loan. Made your dream a reality. But then you think, what the hell do I write on social media? Where do you start? Or maybe you’re a business that’s lost momentum. Have a read of our top tips for planning out your social media strategy and content for 2018 and never be stuck for words again.

Moir Media Social Content Planning Tips For 2018

Follow these tips and let Moir Media help make your social media shine.

  1. Always be authentic, be human, be you. Don’t copy your competitors, create unique content that sets you apart from the rest. Share why you started in the first place. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s the reason why you’re different from the rest.
  2. Strategise and plan. Social media platforms can be overwhelming and frantic places. There is so much noise and competition out there that you should never scattergun your message. Instead, have a strategy and write clear, attainable objectives and goals for the year. What do you want to achieve from social media? What does success look like? Break everything down into smaller chunks so that you reach them and tick them off your list as you go. Once you get there, that feeling of striking off a completed list is like taking a ride on a magic carpet – pure joy.
  3. Want to get there? Let’s make a content planning list. (Excel or Google Sheets are great tools to use) A good place to start is by including your seasonal marketing and key dates and milestones around your business. We’re talking birthdays, wonderful days around your products or services or things that scream you. Once you have this nailed down, then you can get more creative and add in scenarios and campaigns that focus on why you created the business or brand in the first place.
  4. How are you going to measure your social media? What will you be reporting? Maybe you want to track competitors, find out engaged influencers or see what hashtags were most popular? Whatever you want to track, this needs to be done from the beginning and not the end. Decide what’s important and track.
  5. Back to your strategy, how will you achieve your goals? What platforms will you post on? What times? You need to understand your audience. When you do, you can run geo-targeted ads efficiently that will deliver a return on investment.
  6. Campaigns. Social media isn’t just about the content; it’s about creative too. The fact is that our attention spans are now worse than Finding Dory, so if you want to capture your audience, you gotta wow, entertain, inform and deliver straight up beautiful pictures and videos that transport your viewer and build your brand. Invest in a camera or if you can afford to, enlist a professional to help you capture the best version of your business.
  7. Content. Don’t post for the sake of it and don’t post irrelevant content or ‘spammy’ content. Everybody loves clickbait content. Said no one EVER. Another consideration is the fact that not all content is for all networks. Dip into the analytics for your platforms and see who the audience is there. We guarantee¬†that the demographic will mostly like be different on each network.
  8. Review your content and be consistent with your posting. Top tip: Try taking ‘we’ out of any post to talk directly with your customer. Noone wants to hear about you all the time.
  9. ūüė欆Add an emoji, especially if you’re using Instagram. Posts with emojis get more engagement than those without, according to Adweek. Let’s face it, how many times do you text without one? It’s part of our language now so don’t forget to use your favourites in your posts.
  10. Enjoy sharing your story and be positive. Life is full of ups and downs, so why not share your perspective on what happens in your business? It’s exciting and real and will generate more engagement than any generic post. Trust us.
  11. Still unsure? Whether it’s social media content or help to create a kick-ass strategy and support to set you apart from the rest, we are happy to provide an initial complimentary consultation to review your needs.

Who are we? At Moir Media, we are an award-winning full-service communications consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland specialising in social media, public relations, events and marketing. We love helping businesses and brands stand out from the crowd.

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