The Project

Celebrate MOBO was an event to celebrate young creatives in the music, digital and fashion industries which took place in Glasgow at the Barras Art and Design (BAaD) with queen of the MOBOs, Kanya King MBE. Moir Media organised the event from the concept through to arranging speakers to website management and public relations.

Designed to bring together hundreds of young people and music industry figures by the creator of the MOBO’s Kanya King MBE and funded by Scottish Enterprise, Celebrate MOBO’s aim was to take the passion and excitement surrounding the MOBO Awards and deliver a legacy for emerging Scottish talent.

Moir Media Event Marketing Objectives and Aims

  • To develop an extensive programme of cultural, music and business events, workshops and Q&As in the lead up to MOBO creating excitement
  • To develop a marcomms plan that connects with the target audience (18 – 25) and encourages participation
  • To engage with the target audience and to nurture talent, encourage creativity and innovation
  • To showcase urban culture, music development and celebration in all forms; from songwriting to promoting, to reviewing – podcasts, blogs, PR to self-promotion and more
  • Identify and include underground music networks, influencers, music groups and a mix promoters/bookers/DJ/lecturers/media and of course graduates and undergraduates, bringing a fresh collaborative approach

Event Strategy

With a limited budget, low profile of the MOBO across the city and a six week lead up to the event, Moir Media knew that the key to the success of this event was effective integrated marketing and PR to raise profile, brand awareness and gather momentum amongst affiliates and the designated target audience.

Will this in mind, the strategy that was created was three pronged:

  1. Engage with key influencers: Online Journalists / Bloggers / Music Sites / Creative Community and gather creative talent in Scotland
  2. Create a talking point that engages with urban and creative culture bringing together the event themes.
  3. Provide an exciting event programme that inspires and leaves a legacy for emerging talent

The timescale to pull this together was six weeks. It was very intensive but the results were astonishing and the event aims were exceeded.


–      MOBO Awards


–      Nov 2014

Event Highlights

  • Combined Reach of 21 million
  • 123,598 hits to the website in eight weeks
  • 20 Unique Articles Created
  • 4 Unique Performance Videos from artists
  • 12,000 views on Celebrate MOBO videos
  • 1 Creation of a 16 foot by 12 foot mural
  • 1 Top Ten Single
  • 11 Emerging Artist Performances
  • 18 Speakers
  • 170 attendees
  • 1 legacy

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Celebrate MOBO offered host partners the opportunity to brand, endorse existing and create a new event which supported industry and benefitted individuals from the brand values of MOBO. In addition, as well as providing opportunities for community and industry engagement, the programme added a good level of buzz and excitement in the lead up to the MOBO Awards, driving additional PR and ticket sales. Moir Media pulled together an exciting, innovative and creative programme of speakers and interviews which attracted audiences from creative industries, academia and technology sectors.