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The Moir Media magic fairy has waved a technical wand and behold our shiny new website is here. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Thanks to MacFarlane Creative – one of our creative partners, for helping us achieve an improved look and feel. Have a look around and tell us what you think!

But before you do that, it wouldn’t be a launch without a party, right? And to celebrate the arrival of our new site, we’re offering a complimentary CONSULTANCY OVERHAUL for your business at our Social Surgery drop in, on Monday, 12th February. Think of it as a review of what works, how pr and marketing can help you, or a chance to ask specific questions about your business.  The social surgery is completely free and we’ll offer an hour complimentary consultancy to any business or brand that wants to shake up their marketing, be bold in 2018, attract new customers or reach their goals. It’s our website launch gift for you.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? If you would like a space at our social surgery on Monday 12th February, drop us a line here and we can arrange a coffee and consultancy overhaul slot.

“If the plan doesn’t work. Change the plan, not the goal.”


12th February 2018
Moir Media HQ

Aim: To celebrate the launch of Moir Media, we’re offering an hour complimentary consultancy to any business. From social media to PR or designing campaigns, get in touch to have a business overhaul or refresh for 2018

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Take a look round our site, and if you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

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What to write on social media? Top tips for 2018 social planning

OK, so you’ve taken the plunge. Got the loan. Made your dream a reality. But then you think, what the hell do I write on social media? Where do you start? Or maybe you’re a business that’s lost momentum. Have a read of our top tips for planning out your social media strategy and content for 2018 and never be stuck for words again.

Moir Media Social Content Planning Tips For 2018

Follow these tips and let Moir Media help make your social media shine.

  1. Always be authentic, be human, be you. Don’t copy your competitors, create unique content that sets you apart from the rest. Share why you started in the first place. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s the reason why you’re different from the rest.
  2. Strategise and plan. Social media platforms can be overwhelming and frantic places. There is so much noise and competition out there that you should never scattergun your message. Instead, have a strategy and write clear, attainable objectives and goals for the year. What do you want to achieve from social media? What does success look like? Break everything down into smaller chunks so that you reach them and tick them off your list as you go. Once you get there, that feeling of striking off a completed list is like taking a ride on a magic carpet – pure joy.
  3. Want to get there? Let’s make a content planning list. (Excel or Google Sheets are great tools to use) A good place to start is by including your seasonal marketing and key dates and milestones around your business. We’re talking birthdays, wonderful days around your products or services or things that scream you. Once you have this nailed down, then you can get more creative and add in scenarios and campaigns that focus on why you created the business or brand in the first place.
  4. How are you going to measure your social media? What will you be reporting? Maybe you want to track competitors, find out engaged influencers or see what hashtags were most popular? Whatever you want to track, this needs to be done from the beginning and not the end. Decide what’s important and track.
  5. Back to your strategy, how will you achieve your goals? What platforms will you post on? What times? You need to understand your audience. When you do, you can run geo-targeted ads efficiently that will deliver a return on investment.
  6. Campaigns. Social media isn’t just about the content; it’s about creative too. The fact is that our attention spans are now worse than Finding Dory, so if you want to capture your audience, you gotta wow, entertain, inform and deliver straight up beautiful pictures and videos that transport your viewer and build your brand. Invest in a camera or if you can afford to, enlist a professional to help you capture the best version of your business.
  7. Content. Don’t post for the sake of it and don’t post irrelevant content or ‘spammy’ content. Everybody loves clickbait content. Said no one EVER. Another consideration is the fact that not all content is for all networks. Dip into the analytics for your platforms and see who the audience is there. We guarantee that the demographic will mostly like be different on each network.
  8. Review your content and be consistent with your posting. Top tip: Try taking ‘we’ out of any post to talk directly with your customer. Noone wants to hear about you all the time.
  9. 😍 Add an emoji, especially if you’re using Instagram. Posts with emojis get more engagement than those without, according to Adweek. Let’s face it, how many times do you text without one? It’s part of our language now so don’t forget to use your favourites in your posts.
  10. Enjoy sharing your story and be positive. Life is full of ups and downs, so why not share your perspective on what happens in your business? It’s exciting and real and will generate more engagement than any generic post. Trust us.
  11. Still unsure? Whether it’s social media content or help to create a kick-ass strategy and support to set you apart from the rest, we are happy to provide an initial complimentary consultation to review your needs.

Who are we? At Moir Media, we are an award-winning full-service communications consultancy based in Glasgow, Scotland specialising in social media, public relations, events and marketing. We love helping businesses and brands stand out from the crowd.

Send us a message and talk to one of our team about the benefits of social media strategy, styled photography campaigns or media relations. Let’s make 2018 the year that counts

Creating Campaign Content

Content isn’t only about captivating words. It’s about using a mixture of beautiful photography, emotive headlines, and immersive video to create content that can be used across the web, social and print to electrify your audience and generate BIG results.

From brand campaigns to social media management for businesses, what you write and create is key. We start with a strategy and then shape content – words, photography and video to portray a voice that represents you.  By collaborating with the best creative people we generate amazing results.

Christmas may be over but here’s a selection of campaign images we curated to spread the festive cheer for our clients. Please note that professional photography is included in our social media packages to ensure your business is portrayed in the best light (and filter of course).

If you’re looking for social media content and support then give us a call to arrange a coffee, chat and an overview of your business.

Glasgow Gift Card

Can’t decide what to buy this Christmas? The Glasgow Gift Card is your answer.

From dining out, distillery tours, or cocktails, there’s a new way to gift your city with the launch of the first-ever citywide Glasgow Gift Card – a prepaid visa that can be spent at your favourite restaurants, shops and leading attractions.

Created through tourism business collaboration and supported by Scottish Enterprise and the Glasgow Restaurant Association, restaurateur Ryan James served up the new Glasgow gift cards at The Clydeside Distillery to celebrate the launch today (Wednesday, December 20).

Accepted in over seventy businesses, just in time for Christmas, the Glasgow-wide gift card aims to put the spotlight on leisure and hospitality, drive destination footfall and help tourists discover authentic local experiences.

Not only does the card support independent businesses and attractions but also it allows consumers to discover and enjoy the best of Glasgow with one handy card at their fingertips. Working like other gifting schemes, the card is a prepaid visa and the balance can be spent on any businesses that are signed up to the scheme. Simply choose an amount online at and the loaded gift card and it will be sent out by post ready for spending.

Eduardo Fernandez Blanco (The Rotunda Restaurant Group), Bridgeen Mullen (Visitor Centre Manager at The Clydeside Distillery) and Ryan James (Glasgow Restaurant Association chairman and owner of Two Fat Ladies)<br /> Canít decide what to buy this Christmas? The Glasgow Gift Card is your answer.<br /> Created through tourism business collaboration and supported by Scottish Enterprise and the Glasgow Restaurant Association, restaurateur Ryan James served up the new Glasgow gift cards at The Clydeside Distillery to celebrate the launch today.

Award-winning restaurant Ox and Finch, modern greek eatery Halloumi, Spanish tapas and cocktail bar Rioja, tourist attraction The Clydeside Distillery and Glasgow Life museums and attractions, are some of the multitudes of venues to accept the gift card. View where you can spend the card here 

Speaking about the launch Ryan James, Glasgow Restaurant Association chairman and owner of Two Fat Ladies, said:

“The Glasgow Restaurant Association and its members are excited to be part of the first citywide gift scheme that celebrates the best of Glasgow.

“What better way to showcase our city and grow the economy than with a Glasgow-wide gift card? This is a fantastic new tourism product as it gives the consumer the flexibility of choosing how and where they spend the card across the city.

“We have innovative and exciting food and drink experiences and leading attractions, and with the arrival of our Glasgow gift card, it will make discovering city neighbourhoods more accessible for locals and visiting tourists.”

This new product supports the city’s Tourism and Visitor Plan to 2023, which provides the blueprint for continuing to grow Glasgow’s global profile as a must-visit destination and is focused on increasing overnight leisure tourism visits by one million over the next seven years.

Sallyann Tindall, project manager Scottish Enterprise said:

“Scottish Enterprise is delighted to be able to support the development of the Glasgow Gift Card and hopes many more businesses in the City will get behind it and provide visitors with opportunities to experience great restaurants and attractions in the city.”

Bridgeen Mullen, Visitor Centre Manager at The Clydeside Distillery said:

“When we heard about this new gifting offer for Glasgow, we couldn’t wait to be a part of it all and support the Glasgow Gift Card. Anything that drives tourism and shines the spotlight on our exceptional visitor attractions is a winning combination.

“Support your local businesses, buy a Glasgow gift card and discover the best of the city with one handy card.”

Designed and operated by Miconex, the card is available at any sum from £10 to £500. Customers can use it in one go or in several visits to different businesses.

Issued by Moir Media on behalf of the Glasgow Gift Card

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